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Dangata.com is the brainchild of Dangata K. Jatau (PhD); who has been at the forefront of the information technology sector in the United Kingdom and beyond for more than 25 years. Through his decades of experience, Dr. Jatau has been able to work on complex projects which has made him to become the professional that he is today. He has led and delivered diverse numbers of complex IT infrastructure projects. From government to private sector and with global brand names such as, IBM, Siemens, HP, Royal Bank of Scotland, Computacenter, Shell, NatWest Markets and E-ON Energy Services. He is renowned for leading and delivering large scale and complex distributed IT infrastructure projects.

The intersection between business and information technology cannot be ignored. Businesses globally now depend on computers and what they can do more than ever and as such, it is important to keep track of what is going on within the information technology universe. Information security has now become one of the top issues on the minds of everyone. Because everything has now gone digital, it is critical to maintain a set of standards where it becomes almost impossible for hackers and other suspicious elements to have access to data.

Technology is growing at an extremely fast pace. With this growth, challenges are more than likely to emerge. Information resources are required to be able to meet up with such challenges. This is one of the reasons why this information platform was setup in the first place. Due to the fast-paced nature of the world in which we live in today, we may not have the time that is required to fully investigate all the emerging trends which may affect our daily lives and businesses. However, that should not stop those of us who are looking for high quality information about the fields of business, information technology and information security.

New technologies are emerging and the best ways, means and methods of responding to such technologies and their effect on society is something which may not have been considered by a lot of people; but it is considered here on dangata.com. We look for how technologies can shape the future and what to do to be ahead of the emerging technology trends.

Many problems and other unpleasant situations come up when it comes to information technology. We’re here to provide the required solutions to such problems when they come up and to make sure that you’re kept up to date when there is something new; which in the information technology world tends to come quite often!

Feel free to tell your friends, your enemies, frenemies, the nosy neighbors, even the guy down the street with ten cats that we’re live and online and are here to give you as much information as possible when it comes to technology and business. Use all the means and methods available to you to share the content that has been published here wide and far for everyone and anyone to see it and benefit from it.

You will find out that on this platform a great many number of topics are discussed and dissected for your consumption. Go through them and to use the solutions presented therein to problems which you may be encountering. Comment as well, we’re looking forward to hearing from you! We value your feedback!