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When it comes to writing excellent copy, it is without a doubt that the writer involved in the process must lean on resources which would enable him or her to be able to perform at least above par. It is the ultimate aim of effective copy to be able to sell the idea for which the copy was written. For example, if such was written for a corporate organization, then it is the ultimate aim of the copy to sell the organization and the various products and service which the organization has to offer.

Conversion of users from being just mere readers of content to clients and buyers of the products and services on offer are the stuff that excellent copywriters are made of. Higher conversion rates provide the income that many companies need in order to compete and excel in the global marketplace as we know it.

Most people aren’t able to differentiate between marketing and sales. Although both are peas in a pod, they have certain subtle differences which make come down to what brings the money home to your doorstep. Marketing is informational, the process of marketing involves the telling about the product to the prospect and it stops there. Sales, however, involves the process of transferring feeling to the prospect who then makes a decision to purchase based on that feeling. Sales involve a distinct transfer of emotion to the prospect in order to get him or her to take a decision to part with his or her money.

It is the job of the expert copywriter to use the two when putting together excellent copy. Since of course, no man (or woman) is an island according to the popular saying, superior writers then lean on other resources in order to get the job done. The following depicted below are examples of such resources:

1. Copywriting 101

You cannot get the best of writing effective copy if you don’t cover the basic skills which you’ll require when it comes down to it! This e-book covers some very basic fundamentals which you need if you’re going to rise to the top of the industry; which is the dream of every copywriter out there! (

2. Hubspot’s blog topic generator

Are you out of ideas for blog topics? Do you need a boost of inspiration in order to get you back on track? If the answer to both questions is yes, then you need to check out Hubspot’s blog ideas generator. All you have to do is to enter three nouns which have to do with your general topic idea and five topics will come to you! Rinse and repeat! If you have done your keyword research well and you do not know how best to create titles that will call the attention of people and be SEO friendly as well, then this tool is for you! Check it out here: (

3. Ubersuggest

When you’re doing your keyword research, you are likely to face hurdles as to what will rank in search engines. Due to the fact that there are so many search engine updates going on these days, it is not wise to simply stuff keywords into your content. You can decide to look at what exactly people are searching for and then you tailor your content in that direction. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to writing effective copy. Neil Patel is known to be one of the best when it comes to internet marketing and sales.  His ubersuggest tool (which is available for free) can be used to know exactly what people are searching for. Search engines are becoming more intelligent day by day. So, as a great copywriter you have to be able to put together SEO friendly words which don’t seem to be mechanically joined together. One of the best ways to do this is to use ubersuggest. Check it out here: (

4. Coffitivity

Are you bored? Can’t write? Do you need to create the ambience of a coffee shop so as to get that “feel”? Then coffitivity is absolutely for you! The site plays a whole lot of sounds to imitate a coffee shop which is known to be every writers’ favourite hangout. Give it a try! (

5. Google Trends

Yes, you want to know what is trending on the giant of search engines. You will have to use google trends to achieve this. (

6. Coschedule Headline Analyzer

Do you need to analyze your headlines in such a way which would attract more traffic and convert like crazy? Co schedules headline analyzer will do just that for you! No price paid! Just make sure that your headlines count right? This is the best way to achieve this quickly without wasting precious time!  (

7. Timer

Are you on a tight schedule? Have a deadline to meet? Use timer and time yourself so that you can achieve your results quickly and easily! (

8. Copyscape

In order for you to have effective and authentic content which is what the search engines and your clients will love, you will have to check your content regularly for signs of plagiarism. You may not be copying other people’s content but it may look like you’re doing so. (

9. Thesaurus

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to use words over and over again? Have you found yourself in a position which you’re looking for the right words to put down but for some reason or the other the words don’t seem to come to mind? Well, you can use the thesaurus to solve this problem quickly and effectively! (

10. Reverse Dictionary

Are you looking to populate your ideas? Are you stuck with a content idea in your head but don’t exactly know how best to make it work for you? You can check out one looks thesaurus or reverse dictionary which gives several words which can trigger the idea creation process for you. (

11. Word counter

Sometimes when we write, it is possible for users to overuse words. This is where the word counter helps. We can track our use of words and switch to alternatives when we need to! (

12. Grammar Girl

When it comes to grammar, no one does it better than grammar girl! You can indeed use grammar girl to check your usage of grammar and where you fall short. Following the various articles which are available on the quick and dirty tips website, you can indeed make sure that your writing covers the basics! (

13. Acronym Finder

This resource will help you find out basic abbreviations which you do not know but are looking for! It is simple to use but extremely effective especially when you’re in a hurry and need to find that kind of information pretty quickly (

14. Reverso Spell Checker

After you’re done with writing an article and need a quick tool to check your spellings, you can use a reverse spell checker to be able to do this pretty quickly! They also have a grammar tool which is worth checking out as well. (

15. Using English

Using English is a free resource that helps English speakers all around the world to improve their English skills to those of native English speakers. Their most profound feature is the text analyzer which provides feedback for a whole lot of details which you require to change, alter or correct certain issues affecting your text. (

16. Readable

This tool helps you to be able to test how easy to read your work is. It also serves to show you where you need to improve on in your work as well. In other words, it enables you to make your text to become easy to read for almost everybody. This is a “must-use” tool for writing effective copy! (

17. Unsuckit

When a word you’re trying to use in a sentence sucks and you just can’t get another word to use despite all your efforts; you simply “unstuck” it! (

18. Merriam Webster

If you are looking for a quick definition to use then the Merriam-webster dictionary is for you. This is one online resource which you cannot do without; come rain come shine! (


This is an incredible free resource for those who want to write effective copy which converts. The blog provides some classical examples which you can use to improve your conversion rates.

20. Lousy Writer

An incredible resource which teaches you to write copy which everybody will love. Simple, clear and concise, this website is one you would love to go back to again and again! (

Writing effective copy is one art form which if you master, will serve you well in many fields. Everyone who needs an internet presence on way or the other will come to you to create compelling content which will bring in the money. Use the above and other resources to be the best that you can be!

Posted by Dan K Jatau Sr. MSc, PhD, MBCS, MInstLM

Dan K Jatau is a Nottingham, UK-based Information security and technology infrastructure expert and researcher who likes to write about technology subjects from both a business and technical perspective. His current interests are business-driven security architectures, identity and access, the Cloud, virtualization security and all aspects of security. He currently works in security program development and architecture and develops enterprise security programs for SMEs.